Requirement guidelines Test Engineer at Hypower:

1) Qualifications:
a) Qualified in the electrical engineering field (Diploma or Degree) with minimum five years’ relevant experience in HV, MV and LV transformer tests according to international and local standards.
b) Qualified installation electrician (Minimum N6) with ten years’ relevant experience in HV, MV and LV transformer tests according to international and local standards.

2) Experience:
a) Must have experience to use different types of testing equipment but not limited to (Highvolt, Tettex, Megger, OMICRON, Doble, Raytech, Vanguard, DV Power, Norma, Fluke.) to perform transformer tests.
b) Must have relevant experience in preparing test set ups to perform routine/type tests according to international and national standards for different types of transformers and vector groups not limited to the following transformers/equipment…
b-i) Large power transformers- (Generator transformers, Auto transformers, Reactors & SVC)
b-ii) Medium/Small power transformers- (Unit transformers, Distribution transformers, Network transformers, Mobile transformers & Dual voltage transformers)
b-iii) Industrial/Special transformers- (Furnace transformers, Rectifier transformers, Convertor transformers, Traction transformers, Test transformers and Regulation transformers)
b-iv) Compensators- (NECR, NEC, NER, NERT)
b-v) Measuring transformers- (Voltage transformers (VT), Current transformers (CT) & Multi ratio current transformers.)
b-vi) Bushings (Oil impregnated paper and resin type RIS or RIP)
b-vii) Tap Changers (DETC/Off load tap changers and Onload tap changers)
b-viii) Multi ratio current transformers and Minstral furnace electrode regulation.
c) Must have the relevant knowledge and experience to interpret test results obtained from transformer tests and related equipment such as Bushings and Tap Changers.
d) Must be able to read and understand electrical circuit diagrams and schematical drawings for transformer control panels and cabling to protection devices and control rooms.
e) Must be familiar with the international and national high voltage equipment specifications.
f) Must have experience in onsite transformer tests.
g) Must be familiar with transformer protection devices principal of operation and the testing thereof E.G., Buchholz/Gas operated relays, Oil level indicators, Winding and Oil temperature indicators (WTI & OTI), Pressure
relive devices (PRV).
h) Added beneficial experience in high voltage transformer tests (HV FAT/SAT) and related test set ups will be beneficial.

3) Responsibilities and Duties:
a) Will be responsible for leading and supporting the field test teams with problem solving, test result interpretation, and training.
b) Prepare and provide test result reports to customers with a high level of attention to detail in accordance with international best practices and the company ISO system.
c) Participate and contribute to investigations on transformer failures to propose possible next steps or corrective actions.
d) Maintain test equipment and ensure that the equipment is calibrated at registered SANAS accredited laboratories.
e) Planning of projects thoroughly and cost consciously, to prevent exploiting company resources.
f) Preparing departmental annual budgets in terms of OPEX and CAPEX.
g) Support to Senior Management.

4) General Requirements:
a) Must be able to communicate proficiently in English. (Read, wright and speak)
b) Must be willing to travel and work long hours when required.
c) Willing/able to drive/travel long distances and to other countries.
d) Must have resent medical fitness certificate. (Not older than 1year)
e) Must have a valid driver’s license at least code EB.
f) Police clearance. (Recent)
g) Must have a valid Passport.

5) Health and Safety Training:
Preferred to have successfully completed the following Safety/Health/Environmental/Quality training. (SHEQ)
i) ORHVS High voltage environment and regulations awareness. (CATO 006)
ii) ORHVS Equipotential earthing. (OL2 002)
iii) ORHVS Level 4 – Authorized Person
iv) ORHVS Supervision (ELW 001)
v) Working on heights (Fall arrest technician)
vi) Working on heights (Fall protection planner)
vii) Basic firefighting training
viii) Risk assessment (HIRA)

6) Additional requirements:
a) Willing/able to work safely in high voltage areas.
b) Willing/able to work safely at heights.
c) Willing/able to work safely outdoors in the field/substation/furnaces and be exposed to environmental conditions. (Heat, dust, noise)
d) Able to distinguish different colors.
e) Able to work safely in confined spaces.
f) Able to climb on top of transformers using step ladders and scaffolds.

Interested? Please send your substantial application by Tuesday 31 May 2024 (cover letter, CV, ID).
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